Cat Beds & Cat Scratching Posts

We all love our cats don’t we? Everytime we look at them we all feel warm inside, from the first day we get them and they could fit in the palm of our hands to the day they grow up and cause mayhem! They are part of the family so we must get them the very best of things like any member of our family would.

Kerbl Cat House Lodge
Kerbl Cat House Lodge

I have put together a collection of a few cat toys ranging from cat scratching posts to cat beds, some really fascinating products that will keep your cat, a kitten at heart! If your cat is a scratcher don’t worry! All these cat towers are made for the little kitties to get their claws into! Thus avoiding any destroying of furniture around the house!


 Cat Scratching Posts & Cat beds combined!

There are quite a lot of cat posts around that you can buy for your little kitty but why stop at that? Why not go for an all in one type play center for your pussy cat! Trust me, they’ll love you for it!

There are indeed quite a variety of cat houses available, take a look around and you’ll find one that best suits your cat, As you can see by the picture above, that is the Kerbl Cat house lodge, it is designed to keep your cat comfy as well as curious! with the “cat flap” hole on the ground floor, it is able to keep your kitty nice a cosey or if your cat feels a bit encased, it can go upstairs hehe.


Songmics Cat Tree Cat Scratcher
Songmics Cat Tree Cat Scratcher

This little kitty play center is more of a climbing post, suited to more of an active younger kitten/cat, ages between 1 year – 3 years, it has teddy mice which are stitched into the base and also soft fluffy ball balls which dangle from the top platforms, buy this beauty and watch your cat do some amazing things! It will truely fascinate you to see how acrobatic your little one is!


Cat Scratcher Cat Tree
Cat Tree

This particular cat obstacle course is fantastic, it is a nice height and very good for keeping your cat active, This cat tree is just the right height, not too big and not too small, it has it all, a nice fluffy non-malt base for your kitty to lay on and also nice robust pillars made from course robe, good for sharpening your cats nails!






The Best Cat home / Scratch Post you’ll ever need!

This kitty cat tower is gigantic, if you want a really nice Play tower which is at a reasonable price then look no further, get this beauty… If you have the room for this then I’d suggest you purchase it! Your cat will have a very good time climbing around on this,

Leopet® KBD009/2 Cat Tree Scratching Post Kitten Climbing Excercise Activity Centre

it’s at a reasonable price too, considering the size of it, check it out here for the best prices.

Just take a look at this thing, it has over 7 floors! Your kitty cat is going to have a great time going in and out, up and down.

Hopefully you’ve found what you’re looking for, remember, for the very best internet prices, follow our links, they are constantly being updated with the best prices.

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